Acadiana Addiction Center

Our Philosophy & Mission

At Acadiana Addiction Center, the cycle of addiction can be broken, and a life worth living can be obtained. We are driven to help our clients get the foundation, the tools and the strength needed to live life to the fullest. Through our multi-disciplinary approach and active involvement of our clients and their significant family members, the recovery process begins.

Our philosophy identifies addiction as a primary physiological and psychological illness, chronic and progressive in nature that is terminal if left untreated. This illness progresses into an intensive erosion of personal and family values and relationships. Throughout the healing process, Acadiana Addiction Center believes that early and continuous involvement with 12 step meetings, sponsorship, individual and group sessions, and family consultations are crucial in the ongoing recovery process of alcoholics, addicts, and their families.

Our fundamental beliefs at Acadiana Addiction Center are:

(1) We provide the finest addiction treatment.

(2) The work we do is valuable to our clients, families and the community.

(3) Those we work with and serve are our greatest assets.  Our clients are treated with dignity as they heal their lives – mind, body and soul.


 The mission of Acadiana Addiction Center is to help clients change their lives and live.  This is achieved by providing excellence in the delivery of care in the treatment of addiction to prevent further destruction caused by this disease.  We provide our clients and their family members with the skills to attain lasting recovery by developing positive and healthy coping skills for a productive lifestyle.  These skill sets are achieved in an atmosphere that supports the restoration of dignity, respect, and recovery to the population suffering from addictions and their loved ones.