The Yeager Center for Children and Families

Our specialty is providing brief (4-6 sessions) solution-focused therapy, particularly to children struggling with problems related to ADHD and/or anxiety. In most cases, the child and the family already have the strengths and skills needed to resolve the problem. In therapy sessions, we help them to understand why they are having the current problems and how they can use existing strengths to solve those problems. Our goal is, in a short period of time, to:
1st, to bring about a resolution of the most critical problems and
2nd, to equip family members with insight and strategies that they
can use to resolve future problems.

Some families may find that they need additional help beyond the 4-6 sessions, We help those families to identify the right resources to provide that help.

 The Yeager Center for Children & Families, we can help you find alternative approaches–new ways of resolving the problems that your family experiences. With proper guidance, problems can then become opportunities for growth. We are licensed psychotherapists who specialize in child therapy and family therapy. 

Dr. Bonin and Associates


This select group of individuals are diverse and are highly trained at identifying target areas for treatment.  These target areas may include emotional regulation, physical and mental fitness as well as an overall wellness.   Our clinicians can see you, your children, and your parents.  We see all of those in need of help with their mental status.  They all have unique methods for treatment of all problems, from ADHD to grief to PTSD.
  • Renee Bonin, Ph.D., M.P.
  • David Landry, Ph.D.
  • Mike McDermott, Ph.D.
  • Aimee Dupuy, MS,PLPC
  • Brad Sibille, MA, LPC-S
  • Mary Huval, LPC
  • Tiffany Capps, LPC
  • Sarah Cruth, BS

Office Hours- Monday- Thursday 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM

*The office staff does not answer phone calls during lunch. Please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you within 24 hours.*